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Expert Electricians

SJ Electric is a team of expert electricians in Kansas City because our company has a culture based on dedication to quality. We can do all electrical work from ground up construction to wiring and design lighting. Our team of skilled electricians are known for professionalism and customer service because we are passionate about bringing skill and service on a higher level. We have all the tools, resources, and equipment, to complete your electrical project on time while providing expert advice. In addition to expertise, our service approach comes with knowledge, experience and friendly technicians. SJ Electric LLC is fully bonded, licensed and insured so we stand by our electrical work with a warranty.

Sj Electric Owner

Steve Yeager

Steve Yeager is a master electrician in Kansas City with over 22 years of experience in the commercial field. He started SJ Electric LLC in 2010 and in 2018 acquired Welch Sign Company, which originated in 1969. Steve is dedicated about mentoring and leading his team, so whether the project is for home or business, during construction he remains available to his electricians, clients and contractors. He enjoys being in the field so he’s often on-site to answer questions to make sure things are run smoothly.

His knowledge as a master electrician is an asset because of his background in commercial project management and estimating. This enables him to plan within budget, but his eye for design is the reason for the clean finish of SJ’s work. Along with his eye for detail, he has a broad understanding of wiring so he’s meticulous when creating plans for mechanical application.

Whether the project is large or small, clients can rely on his passion for quality service. Expert work for builders, contractors and business owners are fundamental to his company culture. Therefore, SJ Electric LLC continues to grow and expand into other areas of electrical service work.

Commercial Contractor

“SJ Electric has been a big part our growth. Steve and his electricians are valued and trustworthy. and I would recommend SJ Electric for any project.”

Jerry Dixon, Owner Of Dixon Contracting

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