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Commercial Electrical

SJ is a recognized electrical contractor with our own commercial lighting division. Business and franchises are types of commercial work we do. Choose an electrician who is experienced with commercial lighting because it represents your brand. Having enough light, or having wiring up to code, are things you don’t want to worry about later. Our job is to make your business work for you, so you can do your job. We give attentive service and quality work from the ground up. SJ electricians plan, design, and install all work from start to finish. 

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Commercial Electric for Business 

If you own a business, we can help reflect the style of your brand. A commercial electrician should be experienced at creating and executing a lighting plan. In addition to industrial projects, businesses are part of our commercial electric division. We can provide options within your budget because business lighting is one of our specialties. A good lighting plan helps create a good customer experience, and a better experience means you’re building a relationship with your customers. That’s our goal!

In businesses, quality lighting is essential for employee productivity, so the overall design is important. This is especially true in retail and service based businesses. If you own a multi-location business, we can create a cohesive look for all your locations. For franchise owners, we can replicate a flagships branded look. It’s important to keep the look and feel of lighting consistent as a key part of business identity.


Commercial Electrical for Franchises

Lighting is an important part of commercial electrical because it presents a space for franchises. One of the challenges corporate owners have with franchising is design consistency. Using the same contractor helps maintain a strong brand. Projects run more smoothly when there are dedicated contractors for specific things like electrical and lighting. Franchise owners know the look is important. If you’re a business expanding into franchise, so establishing a strong brand in the beginning is when it matters most! Choose a commercial electrical contractor that’s familiar with franchise building for creative solutions. 

There are always issues that arise during construction, but an experienced electrician can problem solve under pressure. Finding solutions and creativity are two top qualities to look for in a commercial electrical contractor. We can maintain service as your business grows with lighting service. Smooth day to day operation and a strong brand identity is key for long term success. We are passionate about business growth, let us help you grow!


“SJ Electric did the lighting for my second location and it is beautiful! Then Steve helped solve some lighting issues in my first location I’ve had for years. I highly recommend SJ for business owners!” 

Gemy Chiarizio, Owner Of Studio 39 Salon

Studio 39 Salon of Lakewood

Lee’s Summit, Missouri

SJ was part of the construction for a new Studio 39 Salon. The salon opened a second location and we designed the lighting concept. A demising wall was built to divide the existing space. In addition to the lighting, we separated the electrical so each new space had its own dedicated power source.

This location is satellite location to the downtown Kansas City salon. This smaller space was designed to light multiple work areas. Each area had specific lighting needs for the work space. This is important in a business where the space itself is key for creating design. The owner also wanted to include elements from her existing location for brand consistency. You can see a similar project we did for a wellness spa here. Watch a video of the Studio 39 Salon of Lakewood finish here.

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Studio 39 Salon
Salon interior
Retail Lighting
The Buddha
The Chandeliers
Water Drop Chandeliers
Custom Backlit Mirrors
The artistic floor pattern.
Shampoo area pendants.

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