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Welcome to Power Up, our all new blog on our newly re-launched site! Here is where we will feature tips and tricks on DIY home projects, seasonal lighting decor, and ideas on creating a designer look to your lighting concept. Since we are electricians and have been in the field in home and on the job- trust us when we say…we’ve seen it all when it comes to do-it-yourself wiring! This industry fact is why we will have a focus topic called When To Call a Pro. Safety is key when dealing with electricity so we will keep you in the loop on all things electrical!


All New Projects Page

We also are pleased to show recent work on our new projects page where you can see pictures on what we’ve been working on. Draw ideas and see job info by clicking on the menu above to see our project feed. You can also see featured projects on different pages like our industrial electrical page and commercial page as well. 


SJ YouTube Channel Now Live 

We also have have a new YouTube channel where we will post additional videos of projects along with tips and industry info from Steve and the SJ electricians. We’d love to hear from you so submit questions or topics and ideas. Whether you’re an industry professional or an at home handy man, if there’s anything you want to know about electrical, please let us know!

Click to visit our new channel!

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